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Frequently asked questions

1. Cooperation
We are always open to cooperation and strive to ensure that the work of the "Angeo" from the beginning is lucrative for you. Ten years of experience has allowed to create favorable conditions for cooperation for customers.
2. The order processing
3. How many wedding dresses includes the minimum order?
4. How long does the dress sewing last?
5. Whether the changes in your models are possible?
6. Can you sew a dress according to individual sizes?
7. Is it possible to sew dresses of large sizes?
8. Does the material replacement possible? (one is on the picture, another is in fact)?
9. What discount can I get for the order?
10. Do you sell veils, wedding coats, gloves and other accessories for brides?
11. Are the evening dresses available and whether they can be sewn?
12. Do you have ready dresses in stock now?
13. How and where do you deliver the goods?
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